LPG stations in Denmark

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LPG prices

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LPG Unleaded Diesel Heat Oil
N/AUnleaded price got cheaper 1.459 EUR/L *Diesel price got more expensive 1.245 EUR/L *N/A

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* Source energy.eu on 26.09.2016

21.12.2014 - Price of Autogas in Denmark has changed
24.09.2016 - Unleaded is now cheaper in Denmark
22.09.2016 - Price of Diesel in Denmark has changed
22.03.2014 - Price of Heat Oil has changed

LPG stations

Last 4 added LPG stations

Ingemans TankAssensvej 105, Middelfart
Jels Autoværksted/NBC autocamperHaderslevvej 59, Rodding
Rømø Auto ServiceVesterhavsvej 15, Romo
Næsby AutoserviceBogensevej 23, Odense N

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Map of LPG stations

Map of LPG stations


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LPG adapters

LPG Adapters

Bayonet connector, Dish connector

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LPG, Autogas

LPG stations

LPG Stations (4)

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LPG stations

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Ljubljanska 24
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80% propane, 20% butane
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