LPG stations in France

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Warning for motorhome owners:
The French regulation authorizes the tank refill only if the tank is EN1949 European Standard compliant. It is forbidden to refill standard cylinders.
In the past, an accident took place in France on a campervan. It resulted in reinforcement of the procedure related to the refilling of EN1949 tank. Some retail owners took it a step further as to reject all refillable LPG bottles due to the complexity for the retail station staff to control and identify if the tank complies with EN 1949 European Standard.

LPG prices

Average prices

LPG Unleaded Diesel Heat Oil
LPG price got cheaper 0.693 EUR/L *Unleaded price got cheaper 1.293 EUR/L *Diesel price got cheaper 1.131 EUR/L *N/A

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* Source energy.eu on 29.08.2016

28.08.2016 - GPL is now cheaper
28.08.2016 - Unleaded is now cheaper
28.08.2016 - Diesel is now cheaper
22.03.2014 - Heat Oil is now cheaper in France

LPG stations

Last 5 added LPG stations

Vito6 Av. du 9 Septembre, Corte
Avia A63 Aire Porte Des Landes Esta 63 - Aire Portes Des Landes Est, Saugnac-et-muretdirection : (sens >> Bayonne/bordeaux)
Super u Saint-georges Sur LoireCentre Commercial Les Fougères - Zac Les Fougères, Saint-georges Sur Loire
Super UZAC Lec Fougeres, Saint Georges Sur Loire
Eni20 Route Des Creuses, Cran Gevrier

LPG installers or services

Last 5 added LPG installers or services

Garage Rn7 Agriauto595 Route Nationale 7, Erome
Horizon GPL60-62 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, Loos
Ad'Hoc RacingZ.A Maitena - Rue de Maitena, Castets
Sortino Catalyse GazZ.a. Teoulere - Avenue de Saint Sever, Saint Pierre du Mont
Garage du Mail, Entretien Spécialiste GPL4 Fbg de Bellegarde, Lorris

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Map of LPG stations

Map of LPG stations


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LPG adapters

LPG Adapters

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Autogas, GPL, LPG

LPG stations

LPG Stations (1761)

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LPG stations

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LPG installers (194)

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French association for Butane and Propane - language: French


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