LPG stations in the Netherlands

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All stations in the Netherlands are self-serviced. The station personnel is not allowed to come out of the cabin to help you.
There are quite a few filling stations with automatic pay systems for after the shop closes. But it is not allowed to sell LPG without personel only gasoline and diesel.
Prices of LPG are higher on highways.
Some TOTAL gas stations have adapters to lend or buy, otherwise there are only Bayonet connectors available.

LPG prices

Average prices

LPG Unleaded Diesel Heat Oil
LPG price got more expensive 0.729 EUR/L *Unleaded price got more expensive 1.599 EUR/L *Diesel price got more expensive 1.229 EUR/L *N/A

Chart of fuel prices

News archive

* Source energy.eu on 29.05.2016

31.03.2016 - Autogas is now more expensive
25.05.2016 - Unleaded is now more expensive in Netherlands
25.05.2016 - Price of Diesel has changed
22.03.2014 - Price of Heat Oil has changed

LPG stations

Last 5 added LPG stations

IesbertsGageldijk 12, Utrecht
Avia SchagerbrugProvincialeweg 2, dc Schagerbrug
Allesco-esso 'emmen'Rondweg 31a, aw Emmen
Tamoil Tankstation "bb-heeze"Leenderweg 5, jd Heeze
ShellKloosterweg 11a, Noordgouwe

LPG installers or services

Last 5 added LPG installers or services

Lucardie LPG TechniekThames 3, Maassluis
Bodo-lpgAppelweg 46, Amsterdam
Van Der Bilt Autogas B.v.Bolstoen 38, Amsterdam
Jos Van Ommeren AutogasMollerusweg 21, Haarlem
Abk AutogasRobbenkoog 14c, Alkmaar

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Map of LPG stations

Map of LPG stations


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LPG adapters

LPG Adapters

Bayonet connector

Local name


LPG stations

LPG Stations (1808)

List of stations
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LPG stations

Points of Interest (POI)

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LPG Installers and services

LPG installers (34)

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