BP Grande-synthe A16

Beschreibung: Opening hours/Heures d'ouverture : 24h/24
téléphone: +33 (0)3 28217429
Direction/Sens from/de Dunkerque to/à Calais

LPG is very expensive in France, compared to LPG in Belgium or England

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BP Grande-synthe A16

A16 - Aire (parking) de Grande-Synthe
59760 Grande-Synthe


Breitengrad, Längengrad
51.004, 2.30378

51° 0.24' N 2° 18.227' E
51° 0' 14" N 2° 18' 14" E

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Montags: N/A
Dienstags: N/A
Mittwochs: N/A
Donnerstags: N/A
Freitags: N/A
Samstags: N/A
Sonntags: N/A
Ferien: N/A

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Propan / Butan-Gemisch


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Opening hours/Heures d'ouverture : 24h/24
téléphone: +33 (0)3 28217429
Direction/Sens from/de Dunkerque to/à Calais

LPG is very expensive in France, compared to LPG in Belgium or England


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Gesamtbestätigungen: 256
Letzter auf 14.01.2021

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Kommentare zu BP Grande-synthe A16

Eric - 18.11.2019
In August 2019, I stopped here to take a picture of the price tag sign, with LPG costing €1,029 per litre, before taking a ferry to England. I had filled up with LPG at Shell Aalbeke, near Kortrijk, for just €0,459 per litre.

Also in August 2019, LPG was sold in England for around £0,699 per litre. With rates for the British Pound falling below €1,10 LPG costed around €0,78 in England. Now you can do the math! ;-)

Why would you buy LPG in France, if Belgium is just around the corner? The day I came back from my Ireland tour, 20th of Sept. 2019, the maximum price of LPG in Belgium was €0,507 per litre, so that's half the price you pay in France. This means that you could save €20 on a single refill of 40 litres of LPG, also at night, on the motorway.

With some searching on this website, you can even find LPG in Belgium as cheap as €0,309 per litre, between Lille and Tournai. You leave the motorway E42 at the last exit in Belgium and take the N7/Chaussé de Lille to France, to get to Q8 or Chez Moise in Blandain, west of Tournai, or find a filling station in Ieper or Poperinge to buy cheap LPG.

All discount filling stations in Belgium close their LPG pumps at night, often early in the evening, so plan ahead and be there in time. At night you can fill up with LPG at Shell Aalbeke on the E17 motorway near Kortrijk, or at Texaco Mannekensvere, near Middelkerke on the E40 motorway, if you come from Oostende or Brugge. If you don't care to save money, or if you are in a hurry, you pay the expensive French price for LPG. The Dutch would accuse you of stealing your own money if you spend twice as much money as necessary on LPG! ;-)

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