Avia Beausoleil a 8


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Avia Beausoleil a 8

a 8 - Aire de Beausoleil
06240 Beausoleil


Широта, Долгота
43.7532, 7.41903

43° 45.192' N 7° 25.142' E
43° 45' 12" N 7° 25' 9" E

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heures D´ouverture : 24h/24
téléphone : 04 92 10 66 30
direction : (sens >> Aix-en-p./menton)

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Всего подтверждений: 496
Последний на 17.01.2021

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Комментарии о Avia Beausoleil a 8

Marcel - 14.08.2017
Dear Sir or Madam,
I was on your gas station on August 13, around 21:30.
I wanted to take diesel but the pump did not work.
So I went inside and told to your employee that the pump doesn't work. In English because my French is terrible.
What I got is arrogance, bad attitude and total lack of hospitality or kindness whatsoever.
Your employee said that I have to pay first and then put the gasoline in my car. Since his English is not perfect (which is not what I expect!) I didn't understand immediately so I said again that I haven't take the gasoline yet. He almost yelled at me that I have to pay first.
I said OK, I would take 20 liters, charge me that. He said, no, you have to tell me the amount of money. I asked him to recalculate 20 liters to euros but he said no, you do that, I can't do it for you and I can't wait for you, because time is money. And he had no other client to work with!
So I asked him to give me some calculator which he did, recalculate the amount of money and pay.
I thought you have your employees to help customers, to explain how the system works and first and most of all to be nice and polite to them.
I asked him to tell me the name of the manager and he showed me the sign of your company on his t-shirt. A sign to which he brings much shame, I have to say.
I guess you will have no trouble to find out which employee this is.
Look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.
Best regards,

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