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Fuel Fusion

Dual Fuel Systems Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Bytomska 8
61-403 Poznań
Tel: +48 500 761 063
E-mail: info@dualfuel.eu



FUEL FUSION is an alternative, dual fuel system for Diesel engines, that uses LPG or CNG. The system reduces injection of Diesel fuel and in its place injects a precise dose of gas. LPG and CNG in a Diesel engine is an additional fuel. In contrast to gas systems in gasoline engines gas doesn’t fully replace Diesel. Gas that is added to the fuel mixture becomes a combustion catalyst and contributes to a more efficient use of Diesel fuel.
The FUEL FUSION system partially replaces Diesel fuel with a specified quantity of gas. The replacement ratio depends on the type of gas. For LPG the replacement is from 30% to 50%, for CNG it is from 50% to 80%.
FUEL FUSION reduces up to 85% of particulate emissions in the exhaust gases of Euro 6 engines. In older vehicles, these results may be even greater and also reduces CO2 emissions by 4.5%.

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