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myLPG.eu as mobile app

The list of LPG stations is also available as mobile app for Android and iOS.



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The current version of the app offers:

  • - a map of locations of LPG stations
  • - a list of nearest LPG stations- adding or confirming the current LPG price on a station
  • - confirming or reporting a station
  • - adding stations to favourites

Each station offers basic station's info if available

  • - LPG price (added by users or by petrol companies)
  • - confirmations (how many times has the station been confirmed by users that it has autogas and when was it the last time)
  • - name
  • - address
  • - coordinates (with a button to easily copy them to clipboard)
  • - button to send the coordinates to your favourite satnav app
  • - button to add the station to favourites
  • - button to add or confirm the price or confirm the station
  • - button to report a station
  • - link to the station's page on the myLPG.eu portal where there is more info about the station if available (schedule, mixture, description, URL, comments)

Its full potential is met if you allow the use of device's location. Then the app will show your location in regards to stations' locations and will list you nearest stations to your current location.

The database is downloaded from the myLPG.eu portal every time you click on the "Update" button and it is moderately useful also if you don't have any internet connection at all (you just have to cache (view) the map beforehand).

The app contains ads.

myLPG.eu app - home screen
myLPG.eu app - nearest stations
myLPG.eu app - fullscreen map
myLPG.eu app - different markers
myLPG.eu app - station info
myLPG.eu app - more station info
myLPG.eu app - add or confirm price
myLPG.eu app - confirm or report a station

Previous myLPG.eu iOS app translations

Current myLPG.eu mobile app doesn't support translations yet.

English - done
Bulgarian - done by Biser Veselinov
Catalan - done by Francesc Fargallo
Czech - done by Zdeněk
Dutch - done by Thatcher
Estonian - done by Mati Russing
French - done by CFBP
German - done by Jürgen Bühringer
Italian - done by DanyeleX
Polish - done by Piotr Zawistowski
Portuguese - done by Apetro-José Alberto Oliveira
Romanian - done by bogdymol
Russian - done by Ruslan
Serbian - done by Vladica Vasic
Spanish - done by Francesc Fargallo

POIs - Points of Interest

If you already have other navigational apps or devices, it is most likely they support third-party Points of Interest. Check this page to download them in your preffered format - myLPG.eu - Download Points of Interest