Chart of fuel prices in Romania

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This is a chart about the average fuel prices in Romania through time.

It contains prices* from 12.2.2012 to 27.5.2016.

The prices from 12.2.2012 27.5.2016
Unleaded1.28 €/L1.102 €/L
Diesel1.326 €/L1.073 €/L
LPG0.72 €/L0.449 €/L
Heat Oil1.147 €/L0 €/L
Record prices Minimum price Maximum price
Unleaded1.034 €/L1.446 €/L
Diesel0.971 €/L1.435 €/L
LPG0.447 €/L0.743 €/L
Heat Oil1.134 €/L1.324 €/L

While hovering over the chart you can see the prices for each fuel on the same day displayed in the legend situated on the top left part of the chart.

*Price source