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Step 1 - define your route

There can be only one place in the "From" field, but there can be more places separated by semicolon ";" in the "To" field. If you get any errors, start with one place in "To" field. You can choose to avoid highways. When you're finished, click the "Show Route" button.



How to use this page

Tutorial on Youtube of how to use the Route Planner on myLPG.eu

Tutorial on Youtube of how to use the Route Planner on myLPG.eu

Step 2 - choose countries for stations

If you want to see stations on the map you have to select the right countries where the route goes. Use the "ctrl" button on windows, "command" button on mac or tap on countries on mobile devices. If the number of LPG stations didn't change, tap on the "Refresh" button.

Select countries:

Selected countries: 3

(Austria, Croatia, Slovenia)

Number of possible LPG stations:

Step 3 - search for stations

Choose how far from the route can the LPG stations be. You can also check the option to show you the stations only every x kilometers (for the range of your LPG tank).

Max distance away from the route

km (range of your LPG tank - from 50 to 1000km)

Step 4 - see results, generate POIs

You can print results of the route planner, or if you clicked on Show LPG Stations, you can print the information about stations along the route. You can even generate POIs (KML or CSV files) for LPG stations along your route.

Gas refueling stations found along the route or nearby refueling stops as Kml or CSV file.