Autogas savings calculator

Even though the consumption of LPG is higher than consumption of petrol, the price of autogas is much lower and thus can be economical.

Not only is driving on autogas cheaper, it also helps the environment with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Compare the difference - graph

The graph shows the cost of Petrol and LPG through a period of five years. The return of investment i.e. the cost of installation of gas system is recovered in 31.21 months - where the lines cross each other. At the end of the 5 year period the difference between using gasoline and LPG without unforeseen complications is around 1475.60 € .

Compare the difference - stats

Annual Petrol Cost: 2044.80 €

Annual LPG Cost: 1399.68 €

Annual Service Cost: 30.00 €

Monthly Petrol Cost: 170.40 €

Monthly LPG Cost: 119.14 €

Monthly Service Cost: 2.50 €

Savings per 5 Years

1475.60 €

Monthly Savings

24.59 €

Return of investment

31.21 months

Compare the difference - emissions

The use of LPG also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The following graphs show the difference in the quantity of emissions between petrol and LPG used in five year span.

Quantity of CO2 in five year span

Unleaded: 3680.00 kg
LPG: 2880.00 kg

Difference: 800.00 kg

Quantity of CO in five year span

Unleaded: 16.00 kg
LPG: 12.23 kg

Difference: 3.77 kg

Quantity of HC in five year span

Unleaded: 2.58 kg
LPG: 2.04 kg

Difference: 0.54 kg

The perfect calculator for calculating the cost unfortunately does not exist, as the costs vary from car to car. LPG autogas consumption compared to Petrol and the speed of switching between petrol and gas in the cold and warm engine are only two out of many differences, which can make the consumption vary. Because of this problem we used a 20% increase in consumption, which may occur due to fuel energy density, octane level, etc. Different providers have different service intervals for LPG systems, so we added in the calculation lump sum of 30€ per 20.000km.