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Most 24 hour filling stations do not permit Autogas dispensing when the station is un-attended.
LPG at supermarkets: LPG only available when the drive-through payment counter at the service station itself is open (LPG sales under surveillance only)

Warning for motorhome owners:
The French regulation authorizes the tank refill only if the tank is EN1949 European Standard compliant. It is forbidden to refill standard cylinders.
In the past, an accident took place in France on a campervan. It resulted in reinforcement of the procedure related to the refilling of EN1949 tank. Some retail owners took it a step further as to reject all refillable LPG bottles due to the complexity for the retail station staff to control and identify if the tank complies with EN 1949 European Standard.

February 2021 - Total company no longer supplies LPG to campers, even if they have an outside mount

LPG is usually cheaper outside highways and in supermarkets (about 0.20 to 0.30€/L), but the payment counters usually have limited office hours. Mostly closed on Sundays and Holidays.

On most highways, but also sometimes on regular stations, lots of them ask for a prepayment when it comes for gas filling. You must first go to the desk, pay what gas amount you expect to fill in, and then go fill your tank. Some stations charge you of the real amount you took, and, while in others you must go back to the desk to ask for payback if you payed to much.
The advice is to directly ask the desk on how the payback works there. If prepayment is needed, there is a sticker explaining the requirement on each fill station.

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Atelier Adapt Auto 24 Zae La Margot, 24300, Nontron France
Ets Ayme Robert Garage 8 Av. de Fontcouverte, 84000, Avignon France
Borel SystÈme Gaz Zone Actimart, 38610, Gieres France
Garage Olivier Derrière 2 bis rue Parmentier, 08700, Nouzonville France
Auto Montpellier Industrie 58 Rue du Mas Saint-pierre, 34073, Montpellier France
Samary Jean Luc 50 Rue Marivaux, 87100, Limoges France
Répar’auto 5, Pole d'activités Kervidanou 3, 29300, Mellac France
Van Auto GPL Service 2 Rte de Neuville, 59250, Halluin France
Pressing Car’s 20 Rue de Denain, 59400, Cambrai France
Automobile du Cambresis 80 Av. de Dunkerque, 59402, Cambrai France

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