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Where to buy LPG adapters

Unfortunately autogas connectors around the world aren't all the same. Even in Europe there are four different ones (ACME, Bayonet, Dish, Euro). You can read more about each of them and which country has which one on this page - autogas adapters.

Here is a list of places where you can buy lpg adapters:

LPG stations
LPG installers/services

Ø10mm | Ø12mm | Ø14mm | Ø16mm | Ø22mm
ACME | Bayonet | Dish


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LPG stations

Bigger stations or stations with greater frequency of visitors tend to sell or even lend the most used adapters. If you are only passing a country and won't need that adapter after, it is a possible alternative to find one of those stations and tank there. But please, contact them directly beforehand to check if they have the right adapter to lend.

LPG installers/services

Garages that are specialised in servicing LPG systems or converting vehicles to LPG usually sell adapters. It is highly recommended to call and ask them before driving to their location. Smaller garages that convert or service LPG systems only as an additional service tend not to have all the adapters available, if any.


There are quite a few internet stores that sell all possible accessories for your LPG powered vehicle, including different adapter combinations. One of them is also Amazon.

Two rows of different connectors for tanking autogas - myLPG.eu


LPG systems: Tomasetto, OMB, BRC,...

Ø10mm to ACME, Dish, Bayonet - short

Champion Tank Adaptor - European (Acme Boot Dish, Bayonet) LPG Auto Gas Can 10 mm Short

Ø10mm to ACME, Dish, Bayonet - long

Filling point adapter suitcase EUROPE 10mm long (ACME, DISH, Bayonet) LPG Autogas 10mm long

Ø10mm to ACME - short

ACME Tank adaptor 10 MM / M10 Short Brass LPG, LPG / GPL

Ø10mm to ACME - long

DREHMEISTER ACME filling point adapter 10mm / M10 long version

Ø10mm to Bayonet - long

Bayonet Tank Adapter 10 mm Brass (Long Version) Autogas, LPG, GPL

Ø10mm to Dish - long

LPG DISH filling point adapter 10mm long version (60mm)


LPG systems: Icom

Ø12mm to ACME, Dish, Bayonet - short

Car Auto Gas Tank Adaptor Kit in Europa (Acme, Dish, Bayonet) LPG Gas 12 mm Short

Ø12mm to ACME, Dish, Bayonet - long

Tank Adapter - Europe (Acme Boot Dish, Bayonet) LPG Auto Gas 12 mm Long


LPG systems: Lovato

Ø14mm to ACME, Dish, Bayonet - long

Tank Adapter - Europe (Acme Boot Dish, Bayonet) LPG Auto Gas 14 mm Long


LPG systems: Tomasetto, Rotarex

Ø16mm to ACME, Dish, Bayonet - long

Tank Adapter - Europe (Acme Boot Dish, Bayonet) LPG Auto Gas 16 mm Long

Tank autogas, lpg adapter - myLPG.eu


LPG systems: Rotarex

Ø22mm to ACME, Dish, Bayonet - short

Tank Adapter - Europe (Acme Boot Dish Twist & Lock Car) LPG Gas 22 mm Short


More about ACME autogas connector

ACME to Dish

DREHMEISTER ACME onto DISH filling point adapter


More about Bayonet autogas connector

Bayonet to ACME

ACME filling point adapter Ø22mm (1 ¾ x W 21,8) short version LPG UK to EUROPE

Bayonet to Dish

Autogas LPG Filling Point Adapter UK Bayonet (W21.8) to DISH


More about Dish autogas connector

Dish to Euro connector

Dish (M10) to EURO Connector Adapter

Other useful links on myLPG.eu

Also check LPG stations or find your local LPG installer.