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About LPG in Germany

Local name for LPG

Autogas, LPG, Flüssiggas

If you know for any laws or other info about converting to LPG, driving on LPG or any other info regarding LPG in Germany please contact me and I will add it to the page..


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German LPG Association - language: German

Average prices

LPG Unleaded Diesel
LPG price got cheaper 0.61 EUR/L Unleaded price got cheaper 1.269 EUR/L Diesel price got cheaper 1.149 EUR/L

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LPG stations

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AVIA Olsberg Unterm Enschede 13, Olsberg
Reisdorf Tankstellen Am großen Torfmoor 1, Völschow
ARAL Hohenwarsleben Berliner Allee 7, Hohenwarsleben
HEM Aken Dessauer Landstraße 82, Aken
ESSO Hainichen - Autohof Ahornstraße 5, Hainichen

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Points of Interest (POI)

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LPG installers and services

Last added

1A Autogas Sebastianstraße 28, Erlangen
MG-Fahrzeugtechnik Massimiliano Goffredo Markgröningerstr. 68, Asperg
Autogas-Ulm Sickinger Kfz Bismarckring 29, Ulm
Autogastechnik Rudersbeg (Wrobel Automobile) Fuchshau 30, Rudersberg
Lohberger Fahrzeugtechnik Gingen Immenreich 6, Gingen an der Fils

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Tutorial of how to use the Verified stations' filters on Youtube