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About LPG in Slovenia

Local name for LPG

Avtoplin, Plin, LPG, UNP

If you know for any laws or other info about converting to LPG, driving on LPG or any other info regarding LPG in Slovenia please contact me and I will add it to the page..


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Average prices

LPG Unleaded Diesel
LPG price got cheaper-0.05 EUR/L
1.44 EUR/L
LPG price got more expensive0.01 EUR/L
1.69 EUR/L
LPG price got cheaper-0.02 EUR/L

Last update on 30.09.2022 Chart of fuel prices

LPG stations

Last added

OMV ŠEMPAS Šempas 160b, Šempas
Petrol BS Ivančna Gorica Vodotučine 14, Ivančna Gorica
Discont Oil Plavje 35, Plavje
Petrol BS Bled - Seliška Seliška cesta 4c, Bled
OMV RAVBARKOMANDA ZAHOD Javorniška pot 7a, Postojna

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Points of Interest (POI)

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LPG installers and services

Last added

Avtonaplin d.o.o. Taborska cesta 25a, Ljubljana
Zver Milan Ižakovci 129 B, Beltinci
Avto Benčič, Primož Benčič s.p. Jevnica 72, Kresnice
Drago Košak s.p. Zloganje 36, Škocjan
Avtomehanika Vulkanizerstvo Škabar Gradac 78, Gradac

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Map of 46 installers and services

Map of LPG stations - ∑143


What is a verified station?

These filters are verified by station owners.

Verified stations are under complete control of their owners so all the information is correct and the stations are definitely there. Station owners also added filters to their stations which you can choose below.

  • Only verified stations
  • 24/7 LPG
  • ATM
  • Automatic car wash
  • Bar
  • Card Payment accepted
  • Diaper changing table
  • Disabled restroom
  • Dish nozzle
  • DKV
  • Easy access for motorhomes
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Gasoline 100
  • Gasoline 95
  • Gasoline 98
  • Help with filling
  • LPG adapters to buy
  • LPG adapters to lend
  • Manual car wash
  • Marché restaurant
  • Motor oil change
  • Motorhome needs
  • On highway
  • Playground for children
  • Postal services
  • Restaurant
  • Self service tanking
  • Self-service car wash
  • Self-service vacuum cleaner
  • Shop
  • Shower
  • Staff operated tanking
  • TV
  • UTA
  • Vignettes for Austrian motorway
  • Vignettes for Hungarian motorway
  • Vignettes for Slovenian motorway
  • WC

All stations

This filter is curated by users. Possible errors.

  • All stations
  • On highway
  • Safefill allowed
  • Confirmed in last 3 months
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  • Energetski center Dolenjske
  • INA Slovenia
  • Mol Slovenia
  • OMV Slovenia
  • Petrol Slovenia
  • Your favourite company is not on the list of verified companies? Check out more here: What are verified stations?

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    How to use Verified stations' filters

    Tutorial of how to use the Verified stations' filters on Youtube

    Tutorial of how to use the Verified stations' filters on Youtube