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Useful articles

A list of useful articles for everyone who wants to have autogas or already has it.


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Infographic - Why I love autogas

There are many reasons why to like autogas. Check them all here: Why I love autogas Autogas logo

Hidden costs of LPG conversion

Costs that need to be considered while thinking about LPG conversion. Find out more here: Hidden costs of LPG conversion

Where to buy LPG adapters

There are many different connectors from different LPG installers and four different connectors for connecting the pump to your autogas tank. Check this page to find out where to buy LPG adapters

Are the reasons against autogas conversion justified?

There is a lot of talk against conversion. See the most common ones and their solutions here: Reasons against autogas

Does my engine need additional lubrication?

Valve wear can be a serious problem. Read about the valve lubrication here.

What to consider before LPG conversion

What is good to know before LPG conversion - What to consider before LPG Conversion

What to do in case of emergency

A great article from the UKLPG about the safety information in case of accidents, leaks or fire - What to do in case of emergency

Why convert to LPG?

You have heard about the autogas, but you would like to know in short, why is it a good alternative fuel - Why convert to LPG?

LPG Propane/Butane mixture

LPG or autogas isn't the same everywhere or in any season. Check the Propane/Butane mixture of autogas around Europe

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Also check the LPG calculator or find your local LPG installer.