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Last 10 edited LPG stations
Last 10 confirmed LPG stations
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Number of stations

All open stations: 46,483

All disabled stations: 22,182

Last 10 added LPG stations

LPG Station rn 87, Meylan France
LPG Station 86 Avenue Jacques Duclos, Saint-pierre-des-corps France
Self , Valea Ursului, Arges Romania
Carrefour Jaśminowa, Poland
Tokheim Rue E. Collard 58, Anthee Belgium
The Forge Garage High Street, Lower Brailes, OX15 5HX, United Kingdom
Belorusneft , Belarus
Petrol Ofici , Turkey
Belorusneft , Belarus
Belorusneft , Belarus

Last 10 edited LPG stations

Agipeni Contrada Garzalla, S.p. 46 Km. 0,300 S.n. 970 Italy
Agipeni Contrada Aguglie Str. Com. Busita Snc , Modica Italy
Agipeni Contrada Sant\' Antonio , Modica Italy
Agipeni Via Circonvallazione Snc , Avola Italy
Giap S.p. 3 C.da Fossati , Vittoria Italy
Lukoil Statale 514 di Chiaramonte, Km. 12+250, Dir. Catania , Chiaramonte Gulfi Italy
Esso Localita\' Serramendola Est Snc , Siracusa Italy
Esso Strada Provinciale Priolo-siracusa Targia Snc , Siracusa Italy
Agipeni 117 Bis Centrale Sicula, Km. 85+625, Gela-catania , Gela Italy
Aci_cl Statale 626 Della Valle Del Salso, Km. , Dir. Gela 93011, Butera Italy

Last 10 confirmed LPG stations

SHELL Erkner Neu-Zittauer-Straße 30, Erkner Germany
Orlen Wodzisławska 97, Mszana Poland
Mol Ulice 28. října, Mikulov Czech Republic
Amic Energy Żory Tadeusza Kościuszki 57, Żory Poland
Amic Energy Zielona Góra Wrocławska Wrocławska 65b, Zielona Góra Poland
Amic Energy Ząbki Wolności Wolności 50, Ząbki Poland
Amic Energy Zakopane Bachledy 3c, Zakopane Poland
Amic Energy Zabrze Korfantego Korfantego 15, Zabrze Poland
Amic PL038 Wrocław Toruńska Toruńska 73, Wrocław Toruńska Poland
Amic Energy Łazy Łazy, Krakowska 215, Wólka Kosowska Poland

Last 10 LPG prices in stations

Petrolina Franklin Roosvelt, Limassol Cyprus 0.78 EUR/L
Orlen Wodzisławska 97, Mszana Poland 1.99 PLN/L
Mol Ulice 28. října, Mikulov Czech Republic 13.4 CZK/L
Birmingham Autogas & HO 13 Cuckoo Rd, Birmingham B7 5SY, United Kingdom 0.46 GBP/L
Intermarche Montech 930 Avenue de Montauban, Montech France 0.769 EUR/L
LPG Station Autoroute A10 - Aire de Poitiers Jaunay Clan, Jaunay-clan France 0.98 EUR/L
LPG Station 88 Avenue Henri Barbusse, Bourgoin-jallieu France 0.739 EUR/L
Shell Ressons Ouest a 1 a 1 - Aire de Ressons Ouest, Ressons-sur-matz France 0.984 EUR/L
LPG Station Aut a9 Aire de Beziers Montblanc Nord, Montblanc France 0.999 EUR/L
Agip Charbonnieres Les Bains n 7 - 80, Route de Paris , Charbonnieres-les-bains France 0.839 EUR/L

Last comments

Pawel - 09.07.2020

Bliska/Orlen - Poland

Teraz ta stacja nazywa się MOYA.

Vaclav Horn - 09.07.2020

OMV Bad Füssing - Germany

ACME and DISH connector avalaible

Debbie Clark - 08.07.2020

Main Street Garage - United Kingdom

They have LPG, please call ahead if you have a camper so they can make sure they have the space to park you for filling up.

Matija Matvoz, myLPG.eu - 07.07.2020

Esso Tankstelle - Germany

Thank you for the right coordinates. Changed the location. Matija

Brian - 06.07.2020

Derby Asda - United Kingdom

This does have LPG available, though only when the station is Manned. Filled here on 1/7/2020

Michael Bagguley - 06.07.2020

M.M.S Gas Power - United Kingdom

Very helpfull staff. Just filled my 10kg Safefill lpg bottle, which was empty for £10.62. Follow the lane to the end, no problem. I have a 7.5m motorhome and it would get down the lane easily.

Manne - 06.07.2020

Esso Tankstelle - Germany

Die ESSO Tankstelle ist hier N,52°42´16´´,E,13°26´25´´, Gruß u.Danke Manne

GPL 24/7 - 04.07.2020

Cora Moneteau - France

Pompe GPL accessible 24/7 par CB

Karin Laurenz - 04.07.2020

ARAL Salzbergen - Autohof + Motel - Germany

Für Fahrer*innen von Erdgasautos ist diese Tankstelle kein zuverlässiger Anfahrtpunkt. Die Säule funktioniert öfters nicht und man muss unbedankt weiterfahren. Für Fahrer*innen von Erdgasautos ist dies sehr ärgerlich, da die Fahrrouten bewusst auch nach der Lage der Tankstellen gewählt werden.

Chris - 01.07.2020

Monkton Combe Garage - United Kingdom

Drove there today and the pump was out of order Could not get a response from kiosk operative waist of time.can you please get your systems up to date

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