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LPG adapters in Europe


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As every joint in a fuel line bears the potential of a leakage, the risk of cold burns increases with the number of removable parts in the refuelling connection. Therefor caution is advised when refuelling with adapters.

As the European market still exhibits many different connections, Autogas cars (even those retailed by the manufacturers themselves) often don’t have the connector permanently installed and rely on mounting and dismounting the connector for every refuelling. Especially with connection contours like Bayonet and ACME, where rotational forces are induced from connecting with the nozzle, care must be taken so as to not accidentally disconnect the adapter or the connector with the nozzle itself.

The use of several adapters in series is considered unsafe practice (see below)!


An image of Euronozzle adapter for filling autogas

Also known as: Euronozzle adapter

Sometimes also referred to as Euronozzle, this contour was developed with minimal emissions, safe and comfortable handling in mind and was standardised in the early 2000’s by the gas industry to replace the existing contours in all of Europe. The robust design guarantees superior connection quality, minimal risk of leakage and the fuel emissions have been reduced to a very minimum. The single-handed, smooth operation provides a modern refuelling experience for the Autogas customer, considerably better than any other nozzle-connection combination available in the world for Autogas, and also considerably better and cleaner than liquid fuels.

The Euroconnector has been introduced in Spain with great success and is currently being introduced in the U.S. displacing dish, respective ACME connections.

Found in:
Portugal, Spain

ACME connector

An image of ACME adapter for filling autogas

Also known as: ACME thread, ACME adapter, ACME nozzle

This connector has a threaded fitting onto which the petrol pump is screwed before the trigger is pulled to establish a seal before fuel transfer.

Found in:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America

Bayonet connector

An image of Bayonet adapter for filling autogas

Also known as: Dutch Bayonet, Bayonet adapter, Bayonet nozzle

This connector establishes a gas proof seal by a push and twist action.

Found in:
Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom


If your LPG system has a different connector than the Autogas station's, you can still fill up your tank. Larger Autogas stations usually sell or at least lend adapters to link the connector on your car to the nozzle at the station.

Adapter combinations

The use of several adapters in series increases the number of joints exponentially increasing the risk of leakage and is considered unsafe practice. For cars with a removable connector, especially for those who travel across borders regularly, an assortment of different connectors specific to their car, matching the thread on the fixed connection on the bodywork, is the only safe solution and the use of adapters should be dismissed altogether.

An image of Dish to Euro adapter for filling autogas

Photo by Cynthia Mai

LPG filling in countries

Country Adapters Remote fill
(outdoor mount)
Direct fill Direct fill
(80% shutoff valve)
Cylinders Self-filling
Czech Republic allowed allowed illegal to fill cylinders illegal to fill cylinders illegal to fill cylinders not allowed
Germany allowed allowed not allowed allowed only on authorized filling stations allowed
Ireland allowed allowed allowed not allowed allowed
Italy not allowed for campervans not allowed not allowed not allowed allowed
Norway allowed allowed allowed allowed allowed allowed
Portugal allowed allowed not allowed not allowed not allowed allowed
Slovenia allowed allowed not allowed allowed not allowed allowed
Sweden allowed allowed allowed allowed allowed mostly allowed
Turkey allowed not allowed not allowed not allowed not allowed
United Kingdom allowed, but strongly discouraged allowed not allowed not allowed, but unofficially somehow tolerated mostly not allowed allowed on manned stations